Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Badges, badges, badges...

So I spent last weekend (or Sunday afternoon, anyway), taking some decent pictures of livery badges.

All machine embroidered, and all designed and digitised by moi!

A chalice, digitised over a freehand sketch I drew:

A lion rampant, based on the colours of Owain Glyndwr. 

 A royal (British) leopard (aka lion), taken from an original drawing I did.

 And this one, not embroidered, but cut from pure (Hainsworth's) wool, with the detail painted on, and done from an earlier (less detailed) version of the sketch used for the above embroidered badge:

And when loading the pictures, it occurred to me that I had more pictures that I never shared.

So first, some later (not medieval) badges I did a while back.  The client provided me with a picture,

from which I made a working sketch,

from which (in turn) I digitised the image for machine embroidery.

And this is the finished result (after several try-outs, much tweaking, adding and removing outlines, and playing with stitching orders, and a proof):

And a closer one showing the detail:


And a Tudor dragon, embroidered directly onto a Tudor livery coat I made:

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  1. Wow, they're amazing! You can draw so well. I'd love to give machine embroidery a try :)
    Ashley x